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国际Parts Specialists团队为您车间或车队的员工提供支持, 为您解答有关 DT Spare Parts 品牌汽车零部件的所有疑问。

通过视频、装配说明和产品培训等中的实用方法和技巧,Parts Specialists 希望帮助您避免日常车间中的问题和压力,并通过 HelpDesk 为您提供最好的支持。

我们的目标是用最好的售后服务和有保证的产品质量,使您满意。Parts Specialists 时事通讯为您提供了最新的新闻动态和促销活动: 注册

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通过 HelpDesk,您可以从 Parts Specialists 那里获得最好的支持,他们可解答您有关 DT Spare Parts 和 SIEGEL Automotive 品牌产品的所有问题。


Partner Portal

You can use the Partner Portal to search and find all demanded products of the brand DT Spare Parts. As Parts Specialists Club member you will get a login to use the VIN search for parts identification free of charge. We are happy to provide you “buy now” links to distribution partners or online shops in your country. Alternatively you will find our products on online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon etc.

Partner Portal

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Register once, benefit permanently. The Premium Shop is our loyalty program. Here you will be rewarded for your brand loyalty. Buy DT Spare Parts products, collect crowns and exchange them for valuable rewards. Register now and as a thank you for newsletter subscription, you will receive 750 welcome crown points for your first order of merchandise for free.

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