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Parts Specialists

Who are the Parts Specialists?

The Parts Specialists are employees of Diesel Technic. The company was founded in Germany in 1972. Today, Diesel Technic SE is the headquarter of the international Diesel Technic Group with several locations worldwide. There are local Parts Specialists at each location. Diesel Technic offers over 43,000 automotive parts and accessories under the DT Spare Parts product brand via local distribution partners and international online marketplaces in over 150 countries.


What is the role of the Parts Specialists?

The international team of Parts Specialists consists of employees from all companies in the Diesel Technic Group. The Parts Specialists have a technical background, work in the Aftersales Service, in the Technology & Development or in the Quality Assurance department on the continuous improvement process for the DTQS (Diesel Technic Quality System) and know your needs as an end user in workshops, fleets or as a vehicle owner from their own experience. Their task is to offer you the best possible support for vehicle maintenance and repair with DT Spare Parts brand products.


What services do the Parts Specialists offer?

The Parts Specialists will answer all your technical product questions at They offer you a free VIN check and check for you whether our product matches the VIN of your vehicle. They also offer you instructions as video tutorials (PS Tips) at and organise product training sessions together with local distribution partners or are available as contacts for end customers at events.


How do I become a member of the PS Community / PS Club?

To become a member of the PS Community, you must register in the Premium Shop at With the newsletter subscription you will receive 750 crown points for your welcome gift in the community. With every purchase of DT Spare Parts brand products, you collect more crown points, which you can exchange for free merchandising, rewards or vouchers. As an active community member, you also automatically take part in the monthly price draws, prediction games and regular surveys with special prices. If you have collected over 5,000 crown points, you will receive an invitation to the Parts Specialists Club.


What are the benefits of being a member of the Parts Specialists Club?

As a club member, you will receive free PS Clubwear, a birthday and Christmas present and have the chance to take part in exclusive events, such as an invitation to an FIA ETRC truck racing weekend or another sporting event, or you will be invited by the local Parts Specialists to visit a Diesel Technic Group site. In the social media, exclusively for club members, you can exchange ideas with other experienced members. As a PS Club member, you will receive access to the Partner Portal and can use the VIN search for free.


Where can I meet the local Parts Specialists?

The local Parts Specialists regularly take part in end customer trade fairs and events in your country. If it suits you, your local Parts Specialist will be happy to visit you on site and give you practical hints and tips for a relaxed day in the workshop. Use the direct contact with your local Parts Specialists for an intensive dialogue at eye level and help us to continuously improve our products and services for you.


DT Spare Parts

Who is behind the DT Spare Parts brand?

DT Spare Parts is the product brand of Diesel Technic SE, which was founded in Germany in 1972 and is the headquarter of the international Diesel Technic Group. Around 43,000 automotive parts and accessories are offered under the DT Spare Parts product brand via local distribution partners and international online marketplaces in over 150 countries.


Where are DT Spare Parts brand products manufactured and quality-tested?

Diesel Technic SE offers a complete range of automotive parts and accessories under its own brand, which is continuously being expanded in line with market demand. Product development takes place in Germany on the basis of the Diesel Technic Quality System (DTQS), which monitors the entire production process from in-house development, initial sample and series production at certified suppliers and in-house quality assurance through to analysing market feedback in aftersales service. This is the only way we can ensure product quality, product safety and approval for road traffic and guarantee it for 24 months. Simply trust our guaranteed brand quality for satisfied customers.


Where can I buy DT Spare Parts brand products?

Diesel Technic has a worldwide network of local companies and distributors in over 150 countries. Furthermore, there are online distribution partners and online marketplaces, such as eBay, Amazon etc., where DT Spare Parts brand products are offered worldwide. Please simply use Google as a parts search engine or use the Buy Now function in the Partner Portal to purchase products directly from retailers.


How can I make sure that a spare part fits my vehicle?

Please use the free VIN check from the HelpDesk at and provide us with the 17-digit vehicle identification number (VIN), which can be found in the vehicle registration document (number E) or often at the bottom of the windscreen or on a door pillar. Any additional information, such as a part manufacturer brand and part number, also supports research and checking before ordering to avoid unnecessary costs due to incorrect orders as well as loss of time and annoyance. Important: Our products are a 1:1 replacement for original parts ("Ident parts"), we do not accept any liability for any kind of misuse, e.g. in the case of modifications, as this will invalidate the warranty.


What do I do if I have a problem with a DT Spare Parts brand product?

With the purchase of DT Spare Parts brand products, you receive a 24-month guarantee including helpdesk support from the Aftersales Service. If there is a problem, simply contact us first at and please send us detailed information and photos so that we can help you quickly and in the best possible way. Please leave your mobile number for direct queries. If you have a clear complaint during the guarantee period, please first contact the retailer or online marketplace where you purchased the product. It is important that you follow exactly the same procedure as when you purchased the product. Together with your retailer, we will find an uncomplicated and customer-friendly solution.


I need special product information, e.g. dimensions, materials, etc.?

You can find all available product information on the product detail page of our offers in the Partner Portal (or via the short link number). If this information is not sufficient, we offer the option of ordering a sample via the online marketplaces, checking the required product information yourself and returning the sample within 14 days. Please understand that we do not provide data sheets or technical illustrations.

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